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SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 welcomes international and Korean attendees to Daegu as it hosts its 1st post-pandemic trade conference and exhibition


· SIGGRAPH Asia 2022
  • SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 gets underway in Daegu, South Korea from 6-9 December, attracting Computer Graphics, Animation and Emerging Technologies global powerhouses
  • 50 exhibiting companies and brands to showcase their innovative future of technologies
  • Attendees from 50 countries and regions have confirmed to attend the event in Daegu
  • Job opportunities created for local technology job seekers in S. Korea throughout SIGGRAPH Asia

Daegu, South Korea, 6 December, 2022 – The 15th edition of SIGGRAPH Asia, ACM SIGGRAPH’s annual conference and trade exhibition on computer graphics and interactive techniques in Asia, is underway at EXCO in Daegu. Celebrating the theme ‘Colourful World’, the four day event will welcome some of the most influential technology leaders in the world.

Attendees from around the world are expected to convene at SIGGRAPH Asia over four-days to get a preview of unprecedented advancement of technologies post-pandemic . “Daegu Convention & Visitors Bureau is incredibly thrilled to be the host city for SIGGRAPH Asia 2022. Following two years of halt on all large trade conferences and exhibitions, the return of events such as SIGGRAPH Asia is exactly what our city needs. We are looking forward to welcoming thousands of visitors from all corners of the globe as they share the inspiring advancement in animation and technology. We are also excited about the opportunities to all our local partners, businesses and even job opportunities presented as a direct result of SIGGRAPH Asia,” said Charlie Bae, CEO of Daegu Convention & Visitors Bureau.

SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 is led by Professor Soon Ki Jung. He is supported by a team of stellar experts Chairing disciplines across Art Gallery, Business & Innovation Symposium, Computer Animation, Courses, Emerging Technologies, Featured Sessions, Games, Technical Communications, Technical Papers, Real Time Live! and XR.

Professor Jung said, “SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 is about celebrating our ability to interact, collaborate for the first time with our peers after two years of travel disruptions. While we saw unprecedented technological acceleration during the pandemic, nothing replaces the power of a physical event to foster the spirit of innovation. We are proud to be hosting SIGGRAPH Asia in Daegu and showcasing the future of technologies in the field of entertainment and its impact on our daily interactions.”

Revolutionary Keynote Speakers

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Three distinguished speakers have been invited to deliver keynote speeches. Award-winning artificial intelligence and technology revolutionary Dr. Luc Julia, Chief Scientific Officer for Renault, will share his expertise on “There is no such thing as Artificial Intelligence”, opening up the conversation around false narrative associated with AI and implications of abandoning all research in this field and threatening advances in disciplines such as machine learning or deep learning.

  • Dr. Luc will be delivering his keynote speech tomorrow Wednesday, 7 December at 10:00am - 11:00am KST at Auditorium, Level 5, West Wing.
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Sean Lee, Chief Executive Officer of award-winning d’strict, a Korean digital design and immersive media technology company, will bring to the forefront discussions on the topic of ‘Changes in the Visual Arts Market Brought About by Immersive Content Technology’. Mr. Lee’s celebrated and mesmerising immersive content has changed the nature of public art projects. He will share his vision on expanding the art experience through new technologies like crypto.

  • Sean will be delivering his keynote speech on Thursday, 8 December at 10:00am - 11:00am KST at Auditorium, Level 5, West Wing.
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The third speaker, another industry heavyweight, is DaeWook Kim, CEO of Naver Z Corporation, South Korea's No. 1 search engine. Mr. Kim will tackle the keynote topic of “Empowering creators with technology in the Metaverse”. Mr. Kim will inspire delegates on how creators can unlock the infinite possibilities presented in the Metaverse with technological advancements in computer vision and motion AI.

  • DaeWook will be delivering his keynote speech on Thursday, 8 December from 3:00pm - 4:00pm KST, Auditorium, Level 5, West Wing

SIGGRAPH Asia Conference Featured Sessions

Major breakthroughs in the field of Graphics and Interactive Techniques by some of the world's leading tech giants and companies at the forefront of research, development will be hosting the featured sessions. Award-winning Christophe Hery from Meta Reality Labs Research will be hosting a panel discussion featuring pioneers in the field of telepresence and autonomous agents, as well as visual effects and Metaverse practitioners. Featured speakers include:

  • Melissa Cell, Technical Supervisor, Digital Domain, USA

Digital Domain has been creating top notch, realistic digital humans for over 15 years, bringing characters such as Benjamin Button, Thanos, and She-Hulk to life for the big and small screen, and their expertise in this area has allowed them to go even further. Melissa will highlight how the Digital Human Group leveraged technology and workflows that were originally developed for VFX film productions to breathe life into autonomous virtual characters like Zoey, one of the most advanced autonomous virtual humans.

  • Dr Mike Seymour, Co-Director of the Motus Lab,The University of Sydney, Australia

Using technical examples, the talk will discuss some of the obligations the industry has in its relationship with actors, issues of data ownership and allowing the creative team to maintain authorship and direction of the performances in this new 'open green fields' area of Machine Learning driven digital humans.

  • Jihun Yu, Director of Engineering, Epic Games, USA

Metahuman is a complete framework that gives power to create and use highly realistic digital human characters. The team will present the core computer graphics and machine learning technologies utilized in the pipeline to bring the metahuman creator and mesh to metahuman technology to end users. 

More Featured Sessions can be found here. 

SIGGRAPH Asia Exhibition and Experience Hall

The 3-day SIGGRAPH Asia Exhibition, held from 7 to 9 December 2022 will offer attendees a glimpse of innovative future technologies that could soon be used in the commercial and consumer space.

There will be more than 50 exhibiting companies and brands from 11 countries and regions at SIGGRAPH Asia 2022. These include Adobe, AMD, Amazon Web Services, Autodesk Korea, CLO Virtual Fashion, COPRESENCE AG, DEXTERSTUDIOS, Foundry, Fox Renderfarm, Google Research, Industrial Light & Magic, IO Industries, Leaders Systems, NCSoft, Pixar’s RenderMan, Qualisys, Rotomaker, Ritsumeikan University, Seoul Robotics, SideFX, Vicon Motion Capture, Visol, X, inc., Xencelabs / XP-Pen, to list a few.

The Experience Hall within the exhibition space is also home to the Art Gallery, Emerging Technologies, Extended Reality (XR) immersive programs.

Key highlights include:

  • Showcase of the Computer Graphics ecosystem:
    – Animation & Visual Effects, Augmented Reality, Cloud-based Systems, Computer Graphics, Interactive & Innovative Technologies, Gaming Technologies, Imaging, Virtual Reality & Simulation, Visualization & more
  • Live demonstrations and workshops
  • The Incubator for the CG Start-up Scene


Notes to editors:

  • Official Opening of SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 opening ceremony on Wednesday, 7 December at 9:30-10:00am KST, Auditorium, Level 5, West Wing
  • Keynote speech by Dr. Luc Julia on Wednesday, 7 December, 10:00-11:00am KST, Auditorium, Level 5, West Wing
  • Keynote speech by Sean Lee on Thursday, 8 December, 10:00-11:00am KST, Auditorium, Level 5, West Wing
  • Keynote speech by DaeWook Kim on will be delivering his keynote speech on Thursday, 8 December, from 3:00-4:00pm KST, Auditorium, Level 5, West Wing
  • Real-Time Live! presentations on Friday, 9 December, 4:00-5:00pm KST, Auditorium, Level 5, West Wing
  • Access Full Program Agenda here:
  • Interview requests with speakers, committee, exhibitors, or sponsors, may be directed to 
  • Press kit is available here:


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